Please Review My Website

Today, one of the Wealthy Affiliate member Tony asked me to review his website.  He knew that his niche is too broad, but he didn’t know how to narrow it.  He wanted me to look at his site and give him some advice.

I looked at his website and WOW! Do you know what I found?


He has built a department store on his website.  He has mobile phones, headphones, latest gadgets, computers, toys, watches and even sports gear, the whole lot.  His website looks very good visually and has a good layout.

The trouble is when he has so many things there and it will be very hard to rank on Google.  Nowadays, people are targeting not niche, but micro-niche.  That is what you need to do to get a higher ranking.

Therefore, I suggest him to target only one product and narrow it further.  For example, if he is going to do camera, then he can narrow the niche to “camera under $300” or “camera under $500”.  In this way, he will be able to get a good ranking using these keywords.

After the website is ranked well and has some traffic, he can slowly add one more item at a time and build it back to a department store if he wants to.

I told him, “You demolish your house and take out all the bricks, then you put them back one at a time.”

He was happy with that and he said he will do headphones first.


Most of the websites that perform well are niche website, that means they focus on one single product.  Or they focus on one single theme.  Review sites perform best on converting visitors to customers.  Therefore, if you have to review a lot of products then it will be very hard for you when you have hundreds of product.  It is why you want to narrow your niche and focus on one type of products.

Spend more time on analysing to pick a good niche will save you a lot of headaches later on.  Most newbies make this mistake, and I did too.  We are too keen to start building our website without much consideration.  It is something you surely want to avoid.

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