Narrow a niche

Do you know what is narrow a niche? Narrowing a niche means that you want to target more specific market.  I give you an example.  You can do business selling sports shoes.  A more specific market would be ladies sports shoes.  You can go even more specific with expensive ladies sports shoes.

A member has the problem trying to narrow his niche.

John asked, “my niche is products for children with autism.  Could someone tell me if this niche is too broad?  Do I have to narrow it down?  All comments welcome!”

MisterWailor replied, “I have checked for you, there are just over 400 competing websites.  It is still doable, but a bit hard.  You can try to narrow it down.”

Paul replied, ” children with autism are good, but what are you going to focus on.  You can have children with autism, educate children with autism, teach children with autism and so on.

Some of these are similar but you can turn the words around to make up new keywords.  In this way, you can come up with a new idea of keywords.”

Comment: A lot of newbies who first start affiliate marketing have difficulty in choosing suitable keywords.  In this example, if you just use children with autism, there are over 400 competing websites.  Then you can use long tail keywords, long tail keywords mean the keywords is longer.  So it will be able to target more specific market.

The monthly searches will be less with long tail keywords, but it will be easier for you to rank well. Then at least, you will get a bit of traffic instead of nothing.  Later then you can include the most competitive keywords to get more market shares.

In Wealthy Affiliate, we called the long tail keywords as low hanging fruit.  Fruit hanging lower on the tree means that they are easier to get.  So that is what you should be targeting when you are a beginner.

Below is a good keyword tool by Jaxxy and it will help you to search for good keywords to use.  It is a must for any affiliate marketer.

Here is an example of the search results for “make money online”.

make money online keyword result

You can try the Jaaxy Keyword Tool below.


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