How to write engaging contents

How to write engaging contents

One of the main reason behind a successful website is its contents.  How to write engaging contents that will resonate with the reader?  Anyone can write, but not everyone can write well.  Without good contents, you are not going to make sale even though you can get visitors to your website.

For example, a department store has a very good advertising program and it attracts a lot of visitors to their store.  It could not make any sale because the merchandise in the store are no good. Your contents is the merchandise, it should appeal to what people desired.  Content should be attractive or appetizing (now we are talking about food, it makes me hungry).

To write good contents is not very difficult, but you do need a plan.  Here is a few pointers:-

What does your customer wants?

To answer this question, you have to be in their position to see – put yourself in their shoes.  If you are the customer, what would you want?  What would you comes to this website for base on the title of the article?

What can they get reading your article?

Once you understand this basic requirement, then you can make a plan for the contents.

Formulate your article

I mean you have to plan what you are going to write.  Normally in the steps like this.

  • Introduction
  • What you are going to talk about, so the visitor would have an idea what to expect.
  • The good part, the main story of your article.
  • Ending or conclusion.
  • Call to action – what you are selling. Some like to put another call to action in the middle of the article. Like a gentle reminder. One in the beginning (in case if they just want to go ahead and get the good stuff, they don’t have the patience to wait to finish reading your eloquent article) and one at the end.

Review your article

Read your own article at least once or twice.  First time to correct and grammar and spelling mistakes.  Second to see if you can make it better. See if you are the customer, would you be happy with what you see.  Are there any mistakes and so forth?  Is the article “pervasive”?  You can also ask someone else to read the article, because we don’t normally see our own mistakes.  This is a common human behaviour – we don’t see mistakes in ourselves, which we can see easily with other people.

Other suggestions

If you want to write a good article, you have to be good at understanding human behaviours.  Understanding people is part of marketing – what they like and what they don’t like.  If you don’t understand your customer, it would be hard to sell your product to them.

You don’t have to take a degree course in understanding marketing.  You can get some knowledge by reading promotional materials or sale leaflets.  What kind of vocabulary do they use?  How do they present their products?

A good storyteller can captivate his audience because he knows what they want. We all like success stories and also failure stories.  Therefore, most stories have this failure – success -failure – success cycles with the hero in the book.  Who would want to read a very bland story with no ups-and-down?

You can also use the same tactic.  For example, if you are promoting affiliate marketing.  You can tell them your failure stories and then tell them how you succeed, repeat it one more times – you become a good storyteller.  Now you get their attention.

Be creative and show a bit of personality in your writing.  Once you can write good articles, your sale figure is going to get better and better.



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