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Today Nathan has written a blog to talk about what he has learnt about keywords.  How he does keyword research and find the diamond keywords?  Also how to use keyword the proper way?

  1. Before I do keyword research I want to find out what people are looking for.  So I get on to eHow, Google Instant and Yahoo Answers to gather information on what subjects are people interested in.
  2. When my website is new.  I will target keywords with low monthly searches, so I could get rank.  If I use high monthly search keywords, the competition is severe.  I like to choose the keywords with less than 200 or one with less than 100 monthly searches.
  3. After I get ranked with the low monthly search keywords, then I would include those high monthly search keywords.  When my website is ranking well, I could compete with other people.
  4. I would choose long-tailed keywords other than the short ones.  For long-tailed keywords reflect more of those buying intent customers.  The other reason I choose long-tailed keywords is because they included few keywords combination within, e,g. “How to make a chocolate cake?”  which includes “make a chocolate cake”, “a chocolate cake” and “chocolate cake”.
  5. I only choose keywords which are grammatically correct.  I would not choose “how make chocolate cake”.  Although the competition is less.
  6. I would put the keyword as my page or post title.  Insert the keywords one or two more times in my first paragraph and through out the content.


This is quite a good understand of the use of keywords.  I would like to comment on each of the points above.

  1. It is a good way to find out what is popular, but we might not be able to make a blog or website with it.  For example, if the popular topic is Taylor Swift.  If you are not a fan of Taylor or you aren’t interest in music, how would you be able to make use of this information.  But nonetheless, it is a good suggestion.
  2. A good point.
  3. A good point, but each page and post ranks by itself.  There is no connection  between a good ranking post and a bad one.  When you are ranking well on one keywords, it will not boost your ranking on the other keywords.
  4. Good idea.  Only a tiny mistake on “a chocolate cake” and “chocolate cake”; these two keywords is the same.  Google do not look at the word “a” as well as words like, “or” and “and”, etc.
  5. A good point.  You can go for this kind of keywords, if you are desperate.
  6. Perfect.


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