Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

How do you create Content Marketing Strategy?  First, you will have to understand what is content marketing.  Content is the most important factor to the success of your website.

Why do we need to learn about content marketing?

Content is the most important factor to the success of your website.  Some say, “content is king”.  Without good content, your website is just an empty shell.

If you could imagine a beautiful girl who got no intelligent.  She can attract boys to her, but she wouldn’t be able to keep them.  Who wants to love a bimbo?  Also, who wants to eat a fruit which looks good on the outside, but tasteless?

eye story


Content marketing is the creation and sharing of published content to get new customers or to keep your current customers.  It is about how you can create good content to market your product or service.

What does your content do?

The purpose of your content is to educate, inform and teach your customers things that they want to know.  It depends on the niche of your website, e.g. if you have a product review site, your content should genuinely give feedback and rating of the product you review.  Honesty is important in order to gain trust from your visitors.

For example, if you have a lose weight website, your content is to teach people how to lose weight.  Also, you will have advertisements on your site with products which help them lose weight. Anything not related to your niche shouldn’t be on your website.

Each piece of your content should have something to tell.  Or in other words, it has to have value for your visitors.

How to create great content?

Copying content from other people is the wrong way to create content.  You can study other websites for your research. The more you study, the more you will know and understand the subject.

Once you know what you are going to write, how do you make your content better than others?

There are several techniques you can use…

  1. Make it easier to understand.
  2. Make it interesting by using analogy or example.
  3. Approach the subject in a different angle from others.
  4. Know how to write content which appeals to emotion.
  5. You can include Youtube video, picture, infographic, and diagram.
  6. Make it funny.

If you cannot make it better than others, at least it is as good as your competitors.

Develop your own style of writing, some people called it “branding yourself”.  Your visitors want to see “you”, the personality behind the words. They will keep coming back if they like what they see.  This is the real secret behind affiliate marketing.  It is not how good your website look, but the value you offered.

When you create each article or video, ask yourself “what are the benefits for your visitors?”

How to distribute your content?

Once you have created some good content, you have to let other people know about it.  You can refer to my other article – Marketing Your Website.

The general methods are social media, Youtube, Pay-per-click marketing, directory website submission, article submission, press release and email marketing, etc.


You now understand the power of your content, it is the foundation of your success.  It is not how your website looks or how high it ranks on search engines.

I remembered someone asked a question on Wealthy Affiliate.  He asked, “I have hundreds of clicks but how come there is no sign-up?”

We all know what it is, his content didn’t convert.  Understand how to write content which appeals to emotion is important.  Let me explain to you how to appeal to emotion.

Consider the sentences below, see which one gives you an image of success.

  1. We will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.
  2. You will be able to build a successful online business.
  3. You will be able to work in your pajamas and have a six figure income.

Learn the power of words and they will serve you well.