Choose a Niche in 3 Simple Steps

Benny posted on Wealthy Affiliate today.  How do you choose a niche in 3 simple steps?  Learning how to choose a niche for your website is important for your success.

It is easy to choose your niche in 3 quick and easy steps.

  1. Choose a topic that you are interested in because you should be doing what you enjoy doing.  Or it could be something you have a strong interest in learning about. The reason is because you need to spend lots of time creating posts on this subject for your website.  Which includes all the works that you need to do, like advertising your website and also doing research for your posts.
  2. Find out if the niche you pick will make money for you.  The main objective of doing affiliate marketing is to make money.  Therefore, you have to know if there are many people who spend money on this niche, and what is the chance of making money.  Also, are there many competitors.  You can look up Google Trends to see how many people are searching online on this particular subject.
  3. How could you contribute to this niche?  Do you have anything unique which make you stand out from the crowd?  This is for building your individual identity and branding.  How could you post high-quality information and get the attention of your visitors? If you are copying content from other people, they are not quality contents.

My own comment:

This is a good post, it gave us an idea of the general steps in choosing our niche.  Yes, it is very important to choose a niche which we are interested in.  If we are doing something we don’t like, how are we able to convince other people?

The other good point is identity.  To be able to build a website which is different from your competitors is important.  No one wants to read exactly the same thing and the same idea over and over again, so you need to have fresh ideas or perhaps tell the same story in a different way.  Don’t copy from other people.

What I don’t like is the idea of choosing a niche is simple and easy.  In fact choosing a niche is not an easy task and shouldn’t be advertised as such.  Imagine if you picked a niche quickly and later find out that you have picked the wrong niche.  You might have already spent tens or hundreds of hours on it.  Would you want to give up on it and wasted all your effort?

Reason I am telling you this is I had experienced it first-hand and wasted time and money building a website which didn’t make money at all.  Also, I wasn’t really interested in the niche as I thought I was in the beginning.

Knowing what niche to pick is important to your success in the long term.  Spend more time and do more research before you decide.  I would suggest you spend a few days and think it over.  Ask yourself all the questions that you can come up with.

Here are some of the questions that you might need to ask including the information posted above:-

  • Why do you pick this niche?  (Is it for interest or you want to make money?)
  • How popular is this niche? (Popularity means more competition.)
  • Could you make it interesting, informative or educational? (This is branding yourselves and your website.)
  • Would you be interested in doing it for a long period? (If you regard it as a business, you might be doing it for a long time.)
  • Do you have a business plan?  (Example, how do you promote this business?  How much money you need to invest?)
  • Would this niche be popular few years later? (You don’t want to pick a niche which you could only do for 1 or 2 years.)

Don’t rush, take your time and pick a right niche.   I wish you all the best.



Choose a Niche in 3 Simple Steps — 2 Comments

  1. Hi. I will leave this reply here as you do not have a comment box on the page in question: The page in question is your Site Build It ‘review’ page. Its a very unfair piece of writing, you obviously just made it all up in order to setup your own affiliate recommendation.

    Your worst error? For example you stated:

    5. Exaggerated claims – They claim that they can teach anyone who has no prior knowledge on affiliate marketing to succeed. They said it is very easy and anyone can do it.’

    At no stage in their copy do SBI state that ‘it is very easy’ as you claim. In fact they clearly state that it is quite the opposite and requires a lot of hard work. You should find out more and get your facts right, before making false claims like that.

    And no I am not promoting SBI (although I am familiar with it and have built sites with it, so I know exactly how it works). Its just very annoying to read stuff like you write, got me angry upon reading it, hence the rant. Its the likes of this rubbish that gives IM and marketers such a bad name. Think about it.

    • Hi Dot,

      It was my first hand experience. SBI might not have written it on their posts, but they keep saying “anyone can do it” in their videos. I have joined SBI and taken quite a few lessons. I certainly are not making fault claims.


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