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Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.  You want to learn affiliate marketing, but where could you get the best affiliate marketing training?  There are plenty of scams and it is like finding a needle in the haystack.  Finding an affordable and good training online could is a daunting task with millions of websites.

There are several ways to do it. It depends on your budget and how much you want to invest in your own education, also, how much you like to spend building a business.

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Would you want to tell your boss?

Would you want to tell your boss?

  1. Join an online university like the University of San Francisco.  The price is $1495 for a course.  They will teach you from the very basic stuff to the advance. At the end of the training, you will have a certificate to prove that you have completed the course.
  2. Another legit one is  They are not cheap either if you subscript to their full courses it will cost you over $1200 for six-month training.  Even though it is a real training platform, but some of their content are not up-to-date. Click here to read my Affilorama Review.
  3. Empower Network, not a genuine affiliate marketing training company and you don’t want to join it.  I will give you a review later with the details.
  4., they have all different kind of training courses from computer programming, marketing to songwriting.  The training is delivered through training video price from $24 to $300 a video and it could be very expensive.
  5. You can learn it yourself on the internet. Example, from websites like this one and also there are lots of Youtube videos and e-books.
  6. Wealthy Affiliate, a legit training platform and my number 1 recommendation. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Let me break it down for you the steps in building an affiliate website, then you can decide how you are going to learn it.

The Affiliate Website Building Roadmap

  1.  Finding your own profitable niche
    • Do research and find a target niche and product to promote.
    • Narrow down to sub-niche and choose the most profitable products.
    • Do keyword research to find the best keywords.  Target intent buying keywords.
  2. Set up your website and hosting
    • Buy a domain name.
    • Find a good hosting provider.
    • Link up domain and hosting.
  3. Design your website
    • Design a beautiful website layout.
    • Design a logo or header image.
    • Create main pages.
  4. Write content and post it to the website
    • Produce good and error-free content.  Create posts and articles, then add images.
    • Write content for your visitors as you are talking to them.
  5. Optimize your website for SEO
    • Fill in meta tags and titles.
    • Use your researched keywords in your title and inside your articles.
    • Put links between posts and pages and link to your funnel page.
    • Build a good structure and menu system which is simple to navigate.
    • Set up Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools and submit your website to index.
  6. Prepare your website for advertising and sales
    • Place affiliate banners and links to your website.
    • Always include call to action
  7. Collect user email addresses for email marketing
    • Add a sign-up form.
    • Give a little free gift to attract user sign-up.
    • Set up bulk email service with the provider.
  8. Attract traffic
    • SEO traffic – build backlinks and good on-page SEO
    • Paid traffic – Social media, Google Adwords and other online or offline advertising.
    • Social media – post in social media consistently, develop your own style and gain more followers.
    • Other traffics – forum posting, Youtube videos, News sites or article sites submission.


To learn affiliate marketing yourself, all you have to do is follow the steps I listed above and go through them one-by-one.  I am sure you will be okay if you are smart and computer savvy.  You would still make a lot of mistakes and blunders. (One of my worst laughable blunders was banned by Google+ for posting too many affiliate links.)

Of course, the best way to learn affiliate marketing is to enrol in a 2-year university full-time course.  There they teach you how to do each and everything properly.  At the end of the course, you will have a successful business/website (or, at least, break even if not profitable). There is no such course at the moment, also, not many could afford to go to university.  Universities never guarantee you success, or you could find a job after you graduated.

Surveys show that half of the affiliate marketers are self-taught.  They learnt from e-books, books, blogs and online video tutorials.  Yes, it can be done but it is very difficult.  Enthusiasm, belief in yourself and hard work are the only things which keep you going.

For most of us who are not so smart, we need technical help and guidance.  Learning by ourselves is out of the question. Many people who learned by themselves could take years to become successful.

Wealthy Affiliate could offer you the support/guidance, and their beginner courses are most suitable for newbies. If you would like to try it out, click on the banner below to join.  Joining and trying out the beginner lessons are FREE, you can try as long as you want.  You are also given 2 free websites to try your skills and see if you could make some money.  Good Luck!


Affiliate Marketing Training — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Thanks for the step by step process to affiliate marketing.
    As you said in the first step that I need to decide my niche.
    I want to understand, will the following approach work?
    I have a website with a few different categories like fashion, computer & electronics and say a couple of more. I write reviews for products under these categories regularly and do all the steps as mentioned.
    Will this work or do I have to have a single category on my website and promote its sub niche products for better outreach?

    • Having an audience that turns to you for your reviews on products is a HUGE chunk of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Now all you have to do is add an affiliate link to the product you are reviewing and disclose that your post may contain affiliate products. Try CJ affiliate , Amazon and Ratuken for products. I will just google search the product and add the word affiliate afterwards to see if there is a program already in place. If not, reach out and see if they will build one from r you. Can’t hurt to ask. Good luck on your affiliate success. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me at

  2. Thanks for the step-by-step list – it was a huge help. Some people tend to put the cart before the horse and rush instead of taking the time to do it right the first time (myself included). I will follow along patiently now 😀

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Affiliate marketing is not a race, and there is no finish line. It is better to take time and plan what you need to do. Also, take your time to put out better contents than rushing it and post mediocre content. Patience is needed; since it takes time for your website to rank in Google search engine.


  3. Hello dear,
    Your offer is excellent.
    However I would like to know, Is there any possibility to do affiliate marketing without website or blogsite?
    If so please mention that ,it would be grateful to us.

  4. Great tips, and I enjoyed the bullet checklist of to-do’s to become an affiliate marketer! I agree that your top choice, Wealthy Affiliate, which you mentioned above, is an awesome resource. Thanks for laying it all out so clearly for us!

    • Hi Phoebe,

      By laying out the steps in a checklist, it will benefit the beginners. They would understand what is the path that they are taking. Then there would be no surprises along the way. I like to lay things out so I could see clearly what I am doing now, and also in the future.
      The aim of me building this website is to help people learn affiliate marketing. So that will be able to build a successful business for themselves.


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