Make money from affiliate program with free websites

Is it possible to make money from affiliate program with free websites?

The answer is – it is possible, but I would not recommend it.

There are some great websites online which are built with free platforms. You can make money if you are able to build a good website. Here is an example –

It is not very hard to build a good website, especially if you are willing to put some serious effort into it. The first thing is you need is to come up with a good initial design, which is how the website will look. The trouble is there are not a lot of features that you can use when you are using free websites.

If you are using Blogspot (or other free website offers), you are restricted to how your website will look and there is not a lot you can do.  They don’t give you many templates to choose.

There are few elements to a good website.

  • how good it looks.
  • the content.
  • how easy it is to navigate.
  • search engine friendly.

Also, the search engines do not give good ranking to sub-domains unless your website is very popular.  That is why I don’t recommend using free websites.

Free websites are generally used by beginners who want to learn how to build websites.  If you are serious in building an online business, you should not be using a free website.

There are few more reasons why you don’t want a free website to do business.

  • You will be viewed as an amateur using a free website.
  • If your website is successful, you have to move it and it might be very difficult to retain the same layout while you are switching platform.
  • Companies who let you have a free website, they don’t give you the same support as a paying customer.  If you lose some data, you will not be able to get help.
  • Buying a domain name and hosting a website is not expensive.  If you cannot afford it, you shouldn’t be doing business.  It takes money to make money.


You want to build a business properly.  Use a free website to try an idea and to learn how to build a nice looking website.  When you are ready, you should buy your own domain.  It is your own property and you can sell it later and make money.  You cannot sell a free website.

Consider buying a domain name as an investment.  There are many people who buy and sell domain names.  If you have a good domain name, you can always make a profit. A good domain name can sell for thousands of dollars.

If you want to learn how to build a website and learn how to make money on online.  Click here.  For starter, we will give you a free website to play with.

The Best Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate programs online and it is very hard to find the right one.  I am going to give you a couple of suggestions on the best affiliate programs.  There are many vendors online and each one has a different commission scheme.  Some companies pay more than others.

The most popular affiliate programs you know are Amazon, Clickbank, ShareASales, and eBay, etc.  Some sell physical products and Clickbank sells digital products.  The commission they offer is only a few percents of the selling price.  Clickbank offers the highest commission, some products are up to 50%.  I have introduced Clickbank in my previous article – Clickbank Affiliate Training Course.  You can refer to the article for more details.

Any affiliate program which offers physical products is just a one-time sale.  Once the customer knows about the vendor, they might buy from the vendor directly next time.  You will not be able to make any money from the same customer again unless you have a loyal customer who likes you a lot. Who keep coming back to your website.  Therefore, these affiliate programs are not the best.

What makes the best affiliate programs

  • Which gives you lifetime commission.
  • A high commission per sales.
  • Have a good affiliate support system.
  • A genuine and trustworthy company.

The companies I listed above (Amazon, ShareASales, Clickbank and eBay) have one factor which is missing to be the best affiliate program.  They are nevertheless good affiliate programs and you can make money with them.  They don’t give you lifetime commission.

Best affiliate program – my #1 recommendation

My first recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.  Click here to join.  Why is it the best affiliate programs?

Wealthy Affiliate is a company who gives very good training on affiliate marketing.  Their training is second to none and they are a trustworthy company who offers a genuine product.

When you refer people to join, you will earn a commission.  It is not a one-time commission.  As long as the person you referred stay as a premium member, you will earn monthly or yearly income.  The money will keep coming in every month without you doing anything more.

Here is the pay-table.

wealthy affiliate affiliate program

It is a very generous scheme.  Think about how much you can earn when you introduce more people and also you can learn how to make money online.  Earn while you learn, what more could you ask for? Click here to join

(Note: if you join as a premium, you will receive full commission as shown above.  You can also as a free member, but your commission will be half of that.)

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Best affiliate program – my #2 recommendation

My #2 recommendation is online casino affiliate program.  It has the same benefit as Wealthy Affiliate, they pay lifetime commission. As long as the customer you referred to the online casino keep playing and you keep making money.

Millions and millions of dollars are spent in online casinos every month, there are lots of money to be made as an affiliate. You can join this lucrative business by clicking on the links below.

I have prepared for you a few online casino programs you can join.

  1. 32Red Online Casino Affiliate Program, it is one of the best online casinos.  They have a few sister casinos, Roxy Palace Casino, Nedplay Casino, Golden Lounge Casino, Dash Casino and Splendido Casino.
    Affiliate Program - 32Red Affiliates
  2. Global Live Casino Affiliate Program – Another trustworthy online casino.
    Click here to join Global Live Casino Affiliate Program.

3. NextCasino Affiliate program – They have a sister casino called Casino Luck.
Click here to join Next Casino Affiliate Program.

When you are signing up to casino affiliate programs, make sure you do research on the company.  Don’t just join anybody who asked you.  There are many online casino operators who are not trustworthy – we called them “rogue casinos”.  These rogue casinos often don’t release the money for the winning, they have very bad customer service which takes a long time to response to any queries, they confiscate player’s money without reasons or they have some ridiculous terms & conditions.


Once you have established yourself with the above affiliate programs I suggested.  You will be able to make good money and the best part is, these are lifetime commissions.  You will be making more and more money in the years to come.

If you like to have a look at my casino website.  Here is the link:

How to buy a website and start an online business

You don’t have to build a website from scratch.  There is an easier way to start an online business by buying an already established website. I will show you how to buy a website, what kind of website should you buy and also what you need to know when buying a website.

Where to buy a website?

The #1 place to buy a website online is  I have bought 2 websites on Flippa and I found them to be very good.  Also, their customer services are very quick and responsive.  The websites are listed in an orderly fashion.

They give you all the details of the website which includes:-

  1. At a glance – which tells you how old is the website, what platform is it build on and also does the website has unique content and unique design.
  2. Seller’s Notes – a description of the website by the seller.  Why is it worth the money they ask for and why you wants to buy it.
  3. Site Info – which includes date established, who is the domain registrar, site uniqueness, how many pages of content been index by Google  and also the Alexa Rank.

Besides the basic info listed above, some seller will give more details.

  1. The reason for selling the website.
  2. Proof of the website’s earning and income.
  3. What is the business model and how money is made.
  4. Reviews and comment of the seller by past customers.
  5. The amount of website traffic.
  6. How much money they make.

At the end, there is a comment section and you can ask the seller questions.

What kind of website should you buy?

There are several factors which determine which kind of websites you should buy.  Some websites need more maintenance and some are fully automatic and you don’t have to do anything on the website, so it depend on your own lifestyle and schedules.

  • Can you run this website – this is the most important question you need to ask yourself.  If you cannot run the website, you shouldn’t buy it.  Also, do you understand the business behind the business?
  • How much can you afford – only you can decide. You have to analyze how much the website should worth.  Generally, an established website which is making money – it is worth between 6 months to a year’s profit.
  • The history of the seller – if the seller has a better rating then you should have no problem.  Some of them have 100% positive review from buyers, you know they will give you good service.
  • Do you know how to improve the website – you will be planning to make the website better after you bought it.  Therefore, you will be able to make more money in the future. You need to have a plan or at least a rough idea on how you can make the website better and to get more traffic to the site.
  • Ask questions – read the sales page carefully and ask the seller everything you don’t understand. If the website is very expensive, tell the seller to give you the proof of the revenue.  One way to verified the traffic is to ask the seller for their Google Analytic Account, so you can see the real data.

What should you look for?

There are thousands of websites listed and it takes a long time to search through all of them and find the right one.  You can put in filters with a $Min price and a $Max price range. Or you can type in a keyword to search.

Generally, you look at the websites with the niche that you are interested.  It is best to pick established sites which has proven traffics and which are making money.  Websites which has no traffics will take longer to get traffic and also you would not know if you can make money on it.  So it is worth paying a bit more money for sites which has proven traffic and/or proven revenue.

Before you decide to buy, have a look at the actual website and see if you like what you see.  Like I said earlier, could you make the website better?


Buy an already established website will make your life much easier.  It is a good way to start affiliate marketing.  You don’t have to design it from scratch.  Some websites are already generating income for you and very soon, you will make your money back.

Besides the purchase price of the website, you have to add hosting expense on the price.  Most web-hosting company charge around $5/month to host your site.  If you can, leaving the website on the same host, just transfer ownership will be quickest and easiest.

Some website has a Buy-it-now (BIN) bonus.  You should take a screen shot of the BIN bonus after you bought the website and double check afterwards to check if the seller has given you what they promised.

Your knowledge of building website and affiliate marketing

My advice to you.  Before you jump right in and buy your first website, you should learn how to build a website first.  Also, you have to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.  You don’t want to be in a situation where you don’t know what to do after you have bought the website.

There is no better place to learn how to build websites and affiliate marketing than Wealthy Affiliate.  Click the banner below to join.

Or you can visit my homepage or see my review of Wealthy Affiliate for more details.

When does my site rank in Google?

This is a common question asked by many beginners.  “When does my site rank in Google?” I will try to answer this question today.

The answer to this question is – No one knows.

There are many factors which affect the result of how high you rank and also when will you get the ranking you deserved.

Before we discuss what are the factors.  Let us check my website ranking using the keywords – Learn Affiliate Marketing (  Open up a new browser window and type “learn affiliate marketing”.  You will find my website on the first page.

This is just to show you that I do know how to rank my website on Google. It ranks among some big companies like Affilorama, Udemy and University of San Francisco.

A young child prays to God.

God, please give me a higher Google ranking. Amen.

Website ranking factors 

  1. Keywords
    The keywords that you are using is very important. If you have a low competition keywords, your site will rank higher and faster.  Because no one else is using this keywords, so Google will put your page first if you are the only one using this keywords.  Therefore, learning how to do keyword research is important.When doing keyword research, you need a good keyword tool.  You can try Jaaxy Keyword Tool for free. It is one of the best keyword tools.
  2. Age of the domain
    How old is your website is also important.  Google will rank a site higher simply because it is online for longer. Newer site ranking can go up and down more frequent than an older website. So you have to be a bit more patient when your website is new.
  3. On-site SEO
    When you are building your website, you have to understand how to use keywords on your pages and posts. Put the keywords as the title and also put it one more time in the first paragraph, it shows to Google that this is the keywords that you want to rank. Also, links your pages with one another by referring to other pages on your site.  For example, this link to Internal Links and SEO.
    Also, you have to add tags to your post and that will serve as your keywords.  It will be okay to add 1 – 3 tags, but not more.  Your images should also have your keywords on your image “Alt Text”.
  4. Contents and content length
    You need contents that people want to read. If you have good content on your website, people know about your content by word of mouth.  Some people called it Content Marketing, use good content as a bait to market your website.
    Learn how to write and learn about marketing as well, this knowledge will serve you well in a long run.
    The length of your articles is important as well.  There are studies which show that longer posts rank better.  A post with at least 1000 words is necessary.
  5. No of posts and pages
    You can rank your website using more keywords by adding more pages and posts.  For example, if you have 50 pages then you have 50 chances of getting a good ranking.  Not all of your pages will get a high rank.  If you can get some of your pages to rank high and it will be enough for you.
    Also, Google will give you a higher ranking if you have more content on your site.
  6. External links
    External links are links that other websites are pointing to you, they are referencing your content. You will have a higher ranking from Google when there are many other websites linking to you.  You can get links to your site using different methods. Examples are article submission, press release, directory website submission and social networks.


It is quite a complex issue to try to get a higher ranking on Google. Google’s ranking algorithm has over few hundred parameters, and they are always changing.  It is very hard trying to understand it all.

Because of the complexity, there are many companies set up to do SEO for their clients and they can charge thousand of dollars. They are called SEO agents.

My recommendation for you is to improve your website with the 6 factors above.  Also, if you have time, you should submit posts to your website more often.  Some people believe that if you are more active on your website, Google will give a better ranking.  I don’t know if this is true or otherwise.  But the bottom line is it will not hurt to do that with more content on your site.

If you cannot get your website to rank high by yourself and don’t despaired, there is always help.  Some people are very successful using pay advertising before they get ranked.

How to Build a Profitable Website

“How to build a profitable website?” You want to know because your website is not making money.  You want to know what is going on.  Why your website has very little traffic?

At times like this. You can get someone to do a check up on your website to see what you have done wrong.  It will cost you couple of thousand dollars, but you don’t have the money.  I am going to teach you how to analysis your own website and also give you an example of a profitable website.

So that you can compare your own website with my example.  You will understand what needs to be done.

There are a few major factors in the profitability of a website.

  • Niche
  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Website layout and aesthetic.

I will discuss with you the above factors according to my example.  I hope you have two screens, you can open up this website – and my webpage side by side.  So you can follow my discussion.

I will tell you how I discovered this website.  A week ago, I was on (A site where people sell and buy websites and domains.) I was looking to buy a website and I saw this website listed.  I did some research on it to see if it worth buying.

I found that this website ranked 1 on Google search term “boyfriend pillow”.  It ranks better than some of the big names, eBay, Amazon and Etsy.  It is amazing.  I have to find out why.

You can open up the website and have a look.  They have only 3 pages of content.

  • Homepage – We all need a hug sometimes
  • Pregnancy Pillow & Maternity Pillow
  • About

I know that this website is making money because the seller has to disclose the website income.  So buyers can decide how much it will worth.  Generally, you are expected to pay monthly income x 12, that is the income for one year. It was making roughly $30 per month.  So, the price of this website is worth at least $360. (What do you think? 3 pages of content and makes $30 a month – you wish you could do that, isn’t it?)

Now, let us analyse why it is making money.


This is a highly focus micro niche.  The website only promotes one kind of pillows – boyfriend pillows.  Before I saw this website, I have never heard of boyfriend pillows before. One of the reasons why it ranks so well because of it is country-focus.  Only in Australia (I don’t know if you search in America, what position it will rank on Google.)

It shows that picking a very small niche is a good idea for easy success.  Australia is a very small country population wise.  If you live in the USA, you can pick a niche for a state or a county.  That is a benefit for people who lives outside of USA, they can have a dot country website (e.g. .in, .ca or .fr).


The design is nice and simple.  The color is feminine because the customers would all be women.  The look is clean and easy to the eyes.


Since it ranks in the first position, there will be no problem with search traffic.  I have read the home page article very carefully.  It is a piece of fantastic marketing article. Let’s delve deeper into the text.

In the first few sentences, it tells you why you need a boyfriend pillow.

Then, it says boyfriend pillow is the next hottest craze.  (Boyfriend pillows are popular.)

After that, we have teamed up with the most respected online retailers.  (This is a retailer you can trust.)

We can give the best price and fastest shipping to your door.  (Good price and fast shipping.)

The green “Buy Online Now” button.  Call to Action.

Can you see the steps it is building up to?

From need – popular – trust retailer – best price – fast shipping – call to action. 

This is a genius piece of artwork.  There is no surprise that why this website is making money. It is what we called  a sales page, with “Call to actions” in between sections of text. Next time when you see a sales page like this, pay attention to what they say and learn something from it. A good sales page will cost you a thousand dollars written by a professional.


They must have done some work on social media to promote the website. It won’t be a lot since they have not done any more work to add contents.


This example shows that to rank a website, you don’t need a lot of content.  When you are picking a micro niche, there will be fewer competitors.  Hence, it will be easier for you to rank your site.  Also focusing on a small area, Australia in this case, you will be able to capture the market.

At the end, the website was sold for $500.  I didn’t buy it because to own an Australian website, you need to register as a business.  I don’t want to do all those paperwork. This website is a good buy and has good potential to make more money, $500 is a small price to pay for a good website like this.

The best place to learn affiliate marketing is at Wealthy Affiliate.  If you want to know more, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.